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In the search for erotic, emotional and interpersonal adventures, the choice of partner plays a decisive role. The decisive factor for a mans experience with a woman, however, is not only her character. The age of the partner should not be underestimated either. There are worlds between a young woman and a mature partner, both erotic and emotional. But why are they particularly mature women who have an almost magical attraction for younger men?

Mature women make no compromises

A mature woman beyond her forties has already had some experiences in her life. She has met men, fallen in love, separated and rebound. It is this wealth of experience that clearly distinguishes a relationship with a mature woman from one in which the partners are of the same age, or in which the woman is younger than the man. Women over forty have no time for compromises, dramas and interpersonal experiments. They have learned to appreciate and love one person in particular: themselves. However, you do not forget your partner and usually know beforehand what the other person might like, what is less beautiful and how to address problems. A man can expect some personality traits from a mature woman that are still in the development phase in young women. Mature women therefore haveba stable self-confidence, a clear self-image and precise ideas of their needs and desires. Although mature women are also familiar with problems such as insecurity and feelings of inferiority, they usually know that their value cannot be measured by the reactions of the outside world. For example, women over forty refrain from trying to persuade men of their worth and prefer to be courted. This is also one of the most important reasons for the appeal of mature women. Men have to exert themselves and renounce masculine attitudes in order to win the heart of such a lady. Mature women are a challenge, but reward eager men with a high degree of charm and leadership quality. Many mature women take what they want and often amaze their partner with it. This results in exciting and sometimes demanding relationships in which it rarely gets boring. The fact that relationships between mature women and younger men are far less common than partnerships between older men and younger women is probably due to the unwillingness of mature women to compromise. The Federal Statistical Office also confirms that only eight percent of all couples in Germany have an age difference of more than ten years. In 24 per cent of unmarried couples, however, the woman was the older part.

Young men keep pace

However, research into the causes of irritation in mature women leads not only to interpersonal realms, but also between the sheets. It is an undeniable fact that the sexual desire of men and women can change significantly over the course of a lifetime. Men of about fifty years of age, for example, have the so-called andropause. Since womens sexual desire is not only hormonally controlled, but also psychologically controlled to a great extent, they still have a lot of pleasure in and a correspondingly strong desire for sex even at a mature age. So it is hardly surprising that, according to reif6.de, women beyond the age of forty go in search of young and potent men on their own. And this is exactly where the hour strikes for younger men. In contrast to older men, they can easily keep up with the sexual desire of their mature partner and offer her what she longs for. They rarely have to struggle with potency disorders. Both partners benefit from this because mature women usually have a large reservoir of sexual experience. They know their body inside out, know what they need and surprise their partner with techniques that younger women are just getting used to. And since both have the same desire for sex due to the difference in age, quality and quantity are the same.

Winning a GILF

As already mentioned, mature women represent a challenge for men. They expose piles of tricks in an instant, give nothing for bragging and an excess of compliments, but aim for the true values of their counterparts. In order to win a mature woman, men need a self-confidence that is not inferior to that of their potential partner. Only in this way is it possible to satisfy the deeper needs of the woman for guidance and security, because even mature women secretly want nothing more than a man who meets them as a respectful gentleman. This means that men are allowed to be masculine and strong when they are trying to ensnaring a mature woman. However, they should not miss a certain degree of courtesy and courteous action. To a mature woman, holding doors, helping the lady out of the car and adjusting her chair in a restaurant are indications that she is dealing with a man who appreciates her and can live up to her expectations. An absolute no-go in the approach phase, however, is discussing the age difference. For many mature women, despite all their self-confidence, this is a sore point. Statements aimed at their age can quickly cause a bad feeling in mature women. They dont want to know anything about a man who officially considers their age to be above average. It is therefore advisable only to talk about a womans age when she raises the issue and then show restraint.

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